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Maximum: 11
Base: 6
Minimum: 3
Minicrit: 8 - 15
Critical: 18
Pellets: 1
Attack Interval: 0.09s
Clip Size: 12
Reload Time: 1.14s
Reload Type: Whole Clip

EK Team Comment:

Shoots incredibly fast and deals decent DPS at medium range. Works very well as a primary pistol due to being perfectly accurate and having a lot of ammo.

Equipping this weapon gives you more primary AND secondary ammo, so this weapon is also great for scouts that want to DM with their pistols.

Since this weapon switches to other weapons very quickly, pulling out your melee to finish off an opponent is a lot more reliable.

You can take advantage of Crit A Cola to deal insane DPS and the Mad Milk to heal crazy amounts of health.